Wyrify 2020 – Exiting Stealth

It is with high hopes and solid plans we welcome our investors, staff and followers into the new decade. We have endured more than a year in “stealth”, to regroup and re-strategize following our withdrawal from the merger with Stockholm IT in 2018 and the temporary collapse of our US partners in NXChain in 2019. The assets under the Wyrify brand have been acquired by Team Wyrify’s new German holding company; we have re-created certain items including the Wyrify App and key backoffice components, and are still pursuing our long-term plans within POS payments, any-cryptocurrency-in-daily-use operations, national digital currency backbone services, stablecoin services and medical-ID solutions. Based on our six years of trials and pilots on several continents and a lot of product tweaking, we feel that our products suits are ready for the marketplaces of 2020 and beyond. We have retained our core team, and added to our sales- and programming capacity. We have been looking forward to coming back out of stealth, and to progress with official operations, and wish all our followers a prosperous and happy new year!

-Team Wyrify