Redefining Wyrify

The developers and management team of Wyrify are after several months of silence now finally moving forward with Wyrify publicly and will be releasing news very shortly!

Wyrify still intends to seek a listing once the necessary measures are met, in Europe, and are very close to doing just that. As such, Wyrify will become a new-age technology POS payment provider, bridging the gap left between VISA/Mastercard and current payment terminal providers, and all the merchants that for a number of reasons (size, cost, region, reach etc) are being denied digital POS services.

We have developed several apps and interfaces to our middleware over the past years, developments we will continue and evolve further. Some applications have been discontinued while others are still available, like the iOS app on AppStore, but this is mainly for existing customers and demonstration purposes. Once our new structure is in place with new middleware and other/new transactional platforms fully integrated, we will re-set and upgrade the apps accordingly, providing much of the same user interface but a vastly improved functionality and added features. We also have an increasing demand for hardware beacons for testing and piloting, an area which we will be focusing more on in the years to come. However, our current stock is limited so delivery of new solutions are being restricted until we have new upgraded beacons available for delivery.

We are excited and eager to get back up to speed with Wyrify through it’s new entity!

More to come…..