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Worlds fastest Blockchain Technology!

We have changed the core of cryptocurrency to make it useable in the real world. We’ve removed mining by using a non-diluting transaction protocol. We’ve speeded up transaction times to match those VISA uses. We’ve increased security and increased anonymity, but also opened for users to conform with KYC/BSA regulations should they desire to do so. We’ve constructed apps, software, hardware and usage solutions for both merchants and users, making something never seen in crypto currency before. We’ve created a team incorporating some of the leading companies in their representative sectors of cryptography, payments and point-of-sales developments and combined it in one platform – Wyrify !

Wyrify is using a stable and 100% asset backed crypto currency on a blockchain capable of handling thousands of simultaneous transactions in just 1.5 seconds making Wyrify the most efficient and best usable Blockchain payments tool in the world!




Overview of Wyrify

Take a look at some of the features we offer in our blockchain based mobile app

Pay in

Add funds to your wallet using card or bank.


Send funds instantly to other Wyrify users using only their phone number.


Request funds from other Wyrify users through their mobile phone.


See your transactions history with details of all movements in your wallet.

Pay out

Pay bills and send funds to people outside the Wyrify network.


Withdraw funds from your Wyrify wallet to your local bank account.


Exchange your funds to other currencies inside Wyrify instantly.


Built in Merchant features with beacon hardware compatibility for contactless physical payments.


Also available for online shopping

Wyrify is also available as an online shopping payment solution. Customers enter their phone number, approves the amount in their app and the transaction is completed in a second. It is as simple as that!

Fixed amount paid to the merchant, instant settlement, no chargebacks, low charges and extremely quick for the customer, who does not even have to find his credit card and enter all the details - just enter a phone number and swipe to confirm.... done!

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Physical payments with beacons!

Wyrify beacons are available to merchants. It enables contactless mobile payments using all kinds of digital currencies for point-of-sale transactions with instant settlement. No currency volatility, as quick as VISA payment terminals and zero chargeback risk.

The Wyrify platform offers the same speed and features as regular plastic card terminals and can fully replace current payment systems with a cryptocurrency based solution without the hassle of extreme price volatility. Finally a solution that combines the best of modern technology with simple merchant requirements.




The team behind Wyrify!

Wyrify has a strong team of experienced people on all positions who are dedicated to making Wyrify the number one blockchain payments backbone in the world. We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

The goal here at Wyrify has always been to design the perfect blockchain to meet anyone’s needs. Building on our experience, talent, skills and core values has enabled us to create the fastest blockchain in the world. A solid source for a strikingly effective solution thanks to the bright minds of our core team and technicians.

Each member of the team puts their heart and soul into all that we do… and it shows! We genuinely care about the success of each of our customers as their success is our success.

Henrik Onarheim

Henrik Onarheim

Operational Director View Details
Thomas Wong

Thomas Wong

Chief Cryptology Officer View Details
Kenneth Olin

Kenneth Olin

Platform Director View Details
Sean Tabatabai

Sean Tabatabai

CEO of NXChain Inc View Details
Henrik Onarheim

Henrik Onarheim

Operational Director

Henrik is Chief of Operations of New York listed American company NXChain Inc. (NXCN.QB), and the key technology inventor behind the Wyrify Concept, based on his experience from decades in the technology-driven part of the financial industry. Henrik is a visionary financial technology expert, former stockbroker and Founder of several internet/tech companies since the mid-1990s.

Thomas Wong

Thomas Wong

Chief Cryptology Officer

Thomas is the creator of several digital currencies (including the LXCCoin fixed-price currency used by Wyrify, and the Tentanium and four other digital currencies for Stockholm IT, a company listed on the Frankfurt Börse in Germany). He is a PCI payment security specialist, lecturer on IT and security technology, and is one of the highest ranked PCI approval signatories in Denmark.

Kenneth Olin

Kenneth Olin

Platform Director

Kenneth is a former banker with experience from the time the banks brought their customers online, having advised and supported business clients on payment issues, followed by 10+ years as entrepreneur and consultant within international trading and remittance. Kenneth is the analyst and project manager for all payments related projects within NXChain.

Sean Tabatabai

Sean Tabatabai

CEO of NXChain Inc

Sean is the CEO of public listed partner company NXChain Inc. Sean has been a trusted advisor to the CXOs of numerous Fortune 100 companies providing valuable strategic and marketing insights, and he has served on the Boards of Directors of many successful companies. He is a visionary and 25-year veteran of enterprise software and networking industries.



With Wyrify and it's Blockchain based backbone we have a wide range of markets we are targeting.

Unbanked Population

With just the power of a mobile phone Wyrify can bring banking services to the large unbanked part of the worlds population.

Worldwide Remittance

Millions of people worldwide are working abroad and sending home money to their families. With Wyrify this is both faster, easier and much cheaper!

Micro Payments

Regular payment providers today charge very high transaction fees literally making it impossible to use for low-income people and merchants in low-tech countries. Wyrify is the solution!

Gaming & Gambling

E-Sports, sportsbetting and casino’s can all benefit greatly by Wyrify’s fast low-cost transactions via mobile phones, computers and even physical hardware beacons.

Legal Marijuana

Despite being legalized in more and more states and countries merchants are struggling to get even simple payment solutions and accounts. Wyrify is the far better option combining the use of blockchain technology, mobile phones and hardware beacons.


Merchants selling pharmaceuticals, prescription medicine and nutritions are often banned by payment providers, but with Wyrify they have other options than just cash and slow regular bank transfers.


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